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Cloud Computing on Ulitzer "I believe commercial solutions - whether its Google’s cloud or Amazon’s web services - may be perfect for many companies. But some corporations and government agencies are not going to be comfortable outsourcing their information and services to the Internet-based cloud," said Jill Tummler Singer, Deputy CIO of the Central Intelligence Agency, on Tuesday, at SYS-CON's 1st Annual GovIT Expo, in the event's opening keynote. "For agencies like mine," Singer (pictured below) continued,  "and for many corporations, keeping such precious gems in our own possession is a foregone conclusion." Jill Tummler Singer keynoting at 1st Annual GovIT Conference & Expo, Oct. 6 The answer, for the CIA at least, is what Singer calls Enterprise Cloud Computing. Enterprise Cloud Computing as defined by Singer is behind the firewall and contained within a business... (more)

Digicable Signs 10-Year IT Outsourcing Agreement with IBM

Outsourcing on Ulitzer IBM today announced that Digicable, a cable and broadband distribution player in India, has signed a US $83 million, 10-year strategic outsourcing agreement with IBM. As part of this agreement, IBM will support the integration of Digicable's digital media content delivery and value added services applications with its core business technologies and processes. This integrated approach will enable Digicable to provide superior and personalized service to its subscribers. With a strong focus across all segments of the media and entertainment industry, IBM has the deep business insights and technology know-how to help Digicable solve complex business problems and build a more intelligent enterprise by accelerating the transformation of their business. The deal with IBM will see alignment of key strategic business and information technology (IT)... (more)

Centrica Selects HP for $400 Million Technology Migration

HP Enterprise Services UK Limited on Monday announced that Centrica plc has signed a seven-year outsourcing services agreement worth more than $400 million. With the new agreement, HP will enable Centrica to move to a utility-based private cloud computing environment that will support Centrica’s change program, improve speed of deployment, help lower costs and support the company’s environmental objectives. “Centrica is striving to improve our ability to respond to market changes to supply gas and electricity to homes and businesses more efficiently,” said Dave Bickerton, group chief information officer, Centrica. “We value HP’s utility computing capabilities and quality solutions that are flexible, cost-effective and help reduce our carbon footprint.” HP will deliver Utility Services that support Centrica’s migration to a private cloud- and utility-based computin... (more)

Seven Strategies for Surviving Outsourcing

One of the most enduring of American legends is that of John Henry, the "steel drivin' man," who pitted his strength against a machine - and won. Unlike many legends, John Henry was a real person - a former slave who was hired by the C&O Railroad to cut holes in rock into which explosives were placed in order to create tunnels. It was slow, difficult, dangerous work and John Henry did it better than anyone. One day, a salesman came to John Henry's camp and boasted that his steam-powered drill could outwork any man, and the now-famous contest was on. John Henry won the race, drilling fourteen feet to the machine's nine, but his victory was short-lived as he died a few hours later from the stress of the competition. It's ironic, but the best thing for John Henry's reputation was his death after that victory. Had he lived, he would have seen his value as a worker dimi... (more)

Has Global Sourcing Returned to the Heartland?

Before call centers started to sprout in India and the Philippines, many companies set up moderately massive centers in the US, usually in lightly populated places such as South Dakota and Maine. This trend actually followed a long-term charactertistic of the publishing and direct-marketing industries, which often set up in The Heartland, due to moderate wage levels and zoned postage rates that encouraged a location from the middle of the country. Remember all those magazine subscription cards in the old days that went to Mt. Morris, Illinois and Clinton, Iowa? The American Heartland has been under duress for three decades now. The cold weather and a certain lack of flexibility in business thinking catalyzed a brain drain to the warmer climes of the South and the innovation of Silicon Valley and other places "Out West." But now, with near-ubiquitous broadband Web access... (more)

1 in 4 IT Jobs Going Offshore, Says Gartner; One Major "Offshoring Failure" in 2004 Predicted

Read "Offshoring Offers Opportunities for U.S. IT Troubleshooters" Read "Offshore Outsourcing: Magic Bullet or Dirty Word?" Roger Cox, managing VP at Gartner, has been telling that a quarter of traditional IT jobs in Western countries will move to offshore locations such as India by 2010. The global trend toward "offshoring," in other words, continues to boom in Europe - as elsewhere. According to the latest figures from Gartner, outsourcing as a whole is outstripping the IT services market in Europe, growing by 3.1% in 2004 and predicted to rise to 8% by 2007 - "with the offshore element tipped to grow hugely," adds Cox. Gartner predicts almost a third of leading European businesses will include an offshore element in their IT plans by 2005. According to, Cox said "The alarming nature of that headline '1 in 4' figure masks the true story." ... (more)

SYS-CON Announces Cloud Computing Conference & Expo Awards

With the advent of Cloud Computing, the cost of computation, application hosting and content storage and delivery is plunging fast by several orders of magnitude. Behind all the buzzwords, a basic shift is occurring - the wholesale outsourcing of core business applications. This is why many analysts and industry-watchers believe that Cloud Computing is changing not just the technology landscape but also the entire nature of the business models that underpin successful software and hardware companies. SYS-CON Events offered all delegates at the 1st International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo 2008 West in San Jose, CA, the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite cloud computing technology provider in five highly competitive categories. The results have been announced, and they are as follows: Best Overall Cloud Product Winner: VMware Infrastructure ESX - V... (more)

Google Cloud Computing Group

Sam Gross is Vice President of Global IT Outsourcing Solutions at Unisys Corporation, where he leads the vision, strategy, technology development and implementation for Unisys innovative global IT outsourcing solutions. He is a recognized industry expert and thought leader in business and IT alignment, application management, service level management and enterprise systems management. Here's his latest Tweet: Sam_Gross: Looking through good resources on Google Cloud Computing group: ... (more)

Join My July 30 Webinar

Sam Gross is Vice President of Global IT Outsourcing Solutions at Unisys Corporation, where he leads the vision, strategy, technology development and implementation for Unisys innovative global IT outsourcing solutions. He is a recognized industry expert and thought leader in business and IT alignment, application management, service level management and enterprise systems management. Here's his latest Tweet: Sam_Gross: Join my July 30 Webinar to learn how ‘consumerization of IT’ can drive end-user productivity gains - register at: ... (more)

PRaaS, PRocessus as a Service

Oui, je sais, encore un acronyme en aaS ! Par curiosité j’ai fait une recherche "Praas" sur Bing et Google, actualité oblige ! Le moins que l’on puisse dire, et que les résultats obtenus sont ... très différents ! Pour ceux que cela intéresse, je vous conseille d’utiliser l’outil “blackdog” qui exécute votre recherche sur Google et Bing et vous propose les deux sur la même page de votre navigateur. J’ai ainsi appris que Praas est un produit “magique” de médecine naturelle, qui s’appuie sur une démarche très ancienne de la médecine indienne, nommée Ayurveda. (l’article de Wikipédia sur Ayurveda est passionnant.) Revenons à notre monde de la technologie, du Cloud Computing. Pourquoi parler de PRaaS ? Quelles différences avec les solutions SaaS ? C’est ce que je vous propose de découvrir. PRaaS, PRocessus as a Service : un essai de définition La lecture d’un texte récent, su... (more)

The Business Intelligence A Cloud Paradox

Simultaneously one of the best use-cases for cloud as well as the worst. What’s IT to do? David Linthicum, SOA and cloud pundit and all-around interesting technology guy, recently pointed out a short post on business intelligence (BI) vendors joining forces with the cloud to offer cloud-based BI services. Four open-source and proprietary vendors on Wednesday announced a new partnership resulting in a cloud-based BI (business intelligence) stack. Jaspersoft and Talend will respectively lend their open-source BI and data-integration technologies to the integrated offering, which also employs Vertica's analytic database and RightScale's management software for cloud-based application deployments. Thought #1: That’s a perfect use case for cloud! Business intelligence processing is (a) compute intensive and (b) interval based (periodic processing; BI processing and repor... (more)